Couple walkingCouples therapy helps couples, married or not, understand and resolve conflicts and, hopefully, improve their relationship. No relationship is perfect, everyone brings their own needs, values and expectations into the relationship, and these can differ from our partners.

At times this can cause stress, distance, a sense of “this isn’t the person I married”. Sometimes there is a specific issue such as the birth of children, ageing parents, sickness, or an affair that can really test the relationship. Relationship counselling can help to heal wounds and resolve conflicts. It can help to re-build your relationship or help you decide that you are better off separating.

Sometimes it is easier to accomplish this with the help of an unbiased third party rather than struggling on your own to find a solution and meaning.

Couples therapy involves learning how to communicate more effectively and how to listen more closely. Couples need to learn how to avoid competing with each other and to identify common life goals and how to share responsibilities within the relationship.

You will never feel loved until you learn to love yourself
Arnaud Desjardins